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The "Winning the Short Game" system will teach you all about the short-game, baserunning, and sliding skills you need to know.

However, how about the best offensive strategies and tactics to drive your opponents crazy?

I've got the perfect complement for you...

The "Making Things Happen"  DVD

Featuring Coach Sean Cotter
Head Coach, University of Massachussets Lowell

Coach Cotter is well-known for his unconventional, unpredictible, aggressive style of play and making things happen on the softball field.

He create chaos and confusion offensively and defensively to drive his opponents crazy. His teams are always up-tempo, fun, and exciting to watch.

If you're looking to develop an aggressive offense that manufactures lots of runs and puts pressure on your opponents, you've come to the right place.

Join Coach Marc as he forces Coach Sean Cotter to spills the beans on how he makes things happen on the softball field and drives his opponents crazy.

You'll learn all about his unconventional offensive philosophy and what offensive strategies he uses to create chaos defensively and force his opponents to make a ton of errors.

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Get the "Winning The Short Game" System and the "Making Things Happen" DVD

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I want to use the advanced techniques, tricks, and secrets AND offensive strategies to...

  • Put more pressure on my opponents
  • Drive my opponents CRAZY
  • Win the short game
  • Use aggressive baserunning
  • Get dirty
  • Score more runs
  • and... Win more games!

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