"Win the Short Game and Get Dirty!"

Take Control of Your Offense and Turn it Into a Lethal Weapon to Put Pressure on Your Opponents, Score More Runs and Win More Games!

Win the Short Game and Get Dirty by Clicking Here

Dear Friend,

If you've been around the game of fastpitch softball for any period of time, you know how hard it is to score runs in our game - especially at the elite level.

Games are often won or lost by a one-run difference with scores like 1-0, 2-1, or 3-2.

On any given day, a solid defense and strong pitching will control or dominate any offense - no matter how good they are. It's just the nature of our game.

If you want to win in this sport, you can't afford to be passive and wait for your team to line up a couple of timely hits to score runs - You MUST be proactive and manufacture runs. That's what the most successful teams and coaches do.

To put pressure on your opponents and manufacture runs, you must...

Win the short game
Use agressive baserunning
Get dirty

Easier said than done. For that, you must learn, refine, and master all the short-game, baserunning, and sliding skills. They aren't easy skills to master!

Unfortunately, if you look around, you can't find a single resource that will show you how to master all these crucial skills in one integrated approach.

That was until now.

Coach Dalton Ruer, a short game and baserunning specialist and famous for his ability to teach any player (no matter the age or skill level) how to dive head first in 5 minutes or less has finally come up with the ultimate system to help you put pressure on your opponents, score more runs and win more games!

Win the Short Game and Get Dirty by Clicking Here

Here are all 5 DVDs You'll Receive When You Get the System...

Winning The Short Game - Slapping  DVD

In this video Coach Dalton explains the purpose of left handed slapping and who it should be used for, and who it shouldn’t be used for. He explains proper footwork both in and out of the batters box and how to hold the bat. Emphasis is placed on keeping the eyes and hands connected all the way through contact. He spends time explaining each aspect of all 3 types of left handed slapping and why each is important: The slap bunt, the slap ground ball and the power slap.

The video includes explanations, instruction and practice drills that will help coaches, parents and players understand and develop this increasingly popular but little understand aspect of the game.

Winning The Short Game - Bunting  DVD

In this video Coach Dalton explains the fundamentals of a proper sacrifice bunt as well as the techniques of how to bunt for base hits. The instruction and drills focus on how to have “soft hands” when handling a bunt, the importance of holding the bat properly and how keep the head down and watch the ball all the way for the bunt.

Intended for coaches, parents and players this video is filled with tips, explanations and drills that make it easy to teach or learn this fundamental and important aspect of the game.


Winning The Short Game - Advanced Baserunning DVD

In this high energy fact filled video you will learn the techniques needed to really become or develop base runners that are feared by other teams. The video brings up several decision points and how players can take advantage of situations by practicing and using their head instead of waiting on base coaches.

The video contains an explanation of what “stealing a base” truly means and ways to help you actually develop that skill. It also includes segments on advanced sliding and advanced diving techniques and most importantly how to avoid the catcher at home. As with the other videos in this series it is full of step by step drills to practice that will help turn ordinary players with or without tons of speed into aggressive base runners.


Winning The Short Game - Sliding DVD

In this information packed video you will learn why most injuries occur and the mechanics that help girls avoid them. You’ll also learn the science behind phenomenal game winning slides without the “strawberries.”

This isn’t just theory everything is demonstrated multiple times in a way that demonstrates the progression you should hope to see. The video is packed with well explained step by step drills that help any team/girl start sliding almost immediately and provides suggestions on how to practice individually.

Winning The Short Game - Dive Backs DVD

In this dynamic video you will learn the techniques to help even the biggest girls enjoy diving back to a base. The video literally starts from the ground up and provides the knowledge needed to install confidence that diving back can be done without injury.

This isn’t just theory everything is demonstrated multiple times in a way that demonstrates the progression you should hope to see. The step by step drills in this video provide a method for coaches and parents to teach and also provide girls a way to know exactly how to practice on their own.

WOW, that's a lot of great stuff.

So that begs the question...how much all of that is worth?

The average softball instructional DVD usually sell between $30 and $40. You'd typically be looking at least $150 for all 5 of these great DVDs.

And that would still be quite cheap and worth it considering how these products can turn your offense into a lethal weapon and help you score more runs and win more games.

However, you're not going to be charged anywhere near that much. You get all 5 DVDs at a much lower price.

You get the whole system and all 5 DVDs for a one-time awesome low fee of only $150 $57 + S/H.

Less than $12.00 per DVD!!!

Talk About a Great Deal!

Win the Short Game and Get Dirty by Clicking Here

With 1-Year Full Money Back Guarantee... "

We're even throwing a NO-RISK 1-Year 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

If at anytime, in the next year, you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, we will refund you 100% of your money!

Think about it, you've got a full year to implement all the great information and see if it really help you put more pressure on your opponents, score more runs, and win more games.

If it doesn't, we'll refund you your money!


Get the "Winning The Short Game" System...

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I want to use the advanced techniques, tricks, and secrets to...

  • Put more pressure on my opponents
  • Win the short game
  • Use aggressive baserunning
  • Get dirty
  • Score more runs
  • and... Win more games!

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I Wish You Success and NOTHING less,

Marc Dagenais
Softball Peak Performance Coach

P.S. You have nothing to lose. I guarantee 100% that my products will work for you or I will buy them back. And best of all, you'll see for yourself just how well the techniques, tricks and secrets work when you'll step on the softball field after going through the training.

Win the Short Game and Get Dirty by Clicking Here

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